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Radon Testing Conditions

In order to help ensure accurate tests results Krenger Radon Testing, in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency and National Radon Proficiency Program guidelines, asks that you please read and adhere to the following testing conditions:

Closed House Conditions:

  • Keep windows and exterior doors shut. (Normal entry and exit through doors is fine, but do not leave them propped open.)

  • Continue to run your home’s HVAC system normally, but do not use window or house fans.

  • If a radon mitigation system is in place, continue to allow it to run as normal.

  • Observe closed conditions for at least 12 hours prior to, and during, your test.

  • Please do not remove the “Closed House Procedure” signs provided by the technician.

Machine Placement:

  • Do not move or disturb the radon monitor.

  • Do not unplug the monitor, or turn off power to the outlet it is connected to.

  • Do not attempt to change the controls or settings on the device.

  • Do not place a fan or heat source near the machine

  • Moving the radon monitor or failing to adhere to closed house conditions could skew the test, and may result in the need for additional testing to verify the results.

  • Please notify the technician immediately if something happens that could invalidate the test.

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